Wind / alternative energy

Safety principles of wind energy


During the building phase of a wind farm, the timing of the network connection is a critical issue. The creation of an incoming substation is not always simultaneous with the connection to the source substation network or even to its set up. From then on, while in stand-by mode, a wind turbine can damage the equipment. Without voltage or heat, condensation builds up within the turbine and can impair the functionality of the electrical equipment. It is therefore necessary to connect the wind turbine to a diesel generator to switch on the auxiliaries. Testing these auxiliaries is therefore possible and even recommended (obligatory in Spain, Germany and Northern Europe) before the connection. The load bank allows the simulation of a load (at least 30% of the turbine’s capacity) and avoids early wear and tear, whilst also enabling testing of the rest of the equipment to take place.


Applications of wind load banks

  • Load banks to test a loading wind turbine and approve the protocol before connection (emergency stop, etc.)
  • Load banks to test the wind turbine’s generator
  • Test banks to check a new model of wind turbines in the factory