Referrals load bank rentals

Referral – Project 1 example

  • Client : Schneider IT – APC
  • Project duration : 5 days
  • Type of products rented : Rackable bank 7kW + C19-C20 PDUs cables
  • Description : A small server room’s acceptance testing in the Centre of Paris (2nd arrondissement) before the release of 5 server bays. Air conditioning testing & setting the energy consumption to 40kW for a period of several days. Approval of the electric recovery diagram of the room and building’s back up network (UPS, diesel generator…). Global approval of the test protocol before final delivery to the client.


Referral – Project 2 example

  • Client : Maintainer / Installer
  • Project duration : 1 month
  • Type of equipment rented : 600kW resistive load bank
  • Description : Carrying out recovery tests  on several generators of the SDMO brand when rebuilding the hospital’s emergency network in the Jura region. Simulation of an increase in the load of the hospital’s backup equipment (through usage of lifts, strategic equipment, etc. ) via the bank load. Validation of its operational performance by the installer.



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