Rentaload, the leading European company for loadbanks rental and EkkoSense, a British company specializing in energy efficiency in computer rooms, announces a structuring partnership for commissioning white room.

From now on, design offices, thermal and electrical installers in computer rooms will be able to view the actual thermal measurements of a computer room directly via EkkoSense’s 3D software. The Rentalab electrical supervision software reports the electrical data (Voltage, power, power supply, etc.). Within a few weeks, Rentaload will directly offer the rental of EkkoSense sensors and the provision of a single consolidated software package for optimal acommissioning. 3D visual rendering allows a better consideration and understanding of hot spots and areas to optimize & servers positionning. “Applying Rentaload’s proven load bank technology is a great way for organisations to test the actual future load of their data centres, and directly test whether their initial power and cooling provision is adequate and compliant,” said EkkoSense’s CEO Dean Boyle

Links EkkoSense press release: Press release 

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