I. A complicated current situation for Data centres

As you know well, we are facing a rather complicated and unprecedented period because of this virus COVID-19.  It is therefore necessary to adapt our organization and take adequate measures in order to limit risks and to ensure at the same time service continuity in many so-called “basic necessity sectors”. And this of course concerns the data centres industry.

Long before the COVID-19 pandemic, some data centres were already experiencing problems with power supply and cooling systems, representing almost a third of all unexpected breakdowns which could put at risk service continuity.

These malfunctions proved to be even more critical during the containment periods when the demand on these infrastructures dramatically increased…and this is not about to stop with the exponential demand foreseen in the coming months and years…

How can we ensure the proper functioning of DC infrastructures to cope with increased demands? How to limit the risk of not being able to ensure service continuity? How can we adapt to this new environment that recommends social distancing?


II. The solutions provided by Rentaload :

To answer these various constraints, RENTALOAD offers connected solutions for testing data centre infrastructures with a wide range of loadbanks that can be adapted to the different environments of the date halls. With dedicated equipment associated with RENTALAB & EKKOSENSE supervision software, we are able to support all projects with a reduced number of operators on site.

Rentalab's solution

Rentalab's solution

Thus you will be able to :

Carry out very precise and coordinated tests (test programming, load level programming, choice of delta T, automatic recording, collection of P/U/I/… information and edition of test reports).

Remotely pilot your fleet thanks to connected load banks and the integrated supervision software (up to 200 banks at the same time!).

Limit the number of staff on site (around 20% time saving over the duration of the tests)

Collect accurate real-time measurements of both electrical and thermal data (voltage, current, power, power supply, temperature etc.).

Visualize your room in 3D with EKKOSENSE software

Check the conformity of your installations

Monitor and optimize the performance of your data center and limit risks

ekkosense supervision software for load banks

In addition, EkkoSense Remote solutions allow, once permanently installed on site, to keep monitoring data rooms remotely and doing so providing an alternative to site containment or limited human resources available on site.

We invite you to watch the EKKOSENSE General Manager’s interview on YouTube which explains « how EkkoSense redefines data center optimization ».

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