post COVID-19 situation - Rentaload

1. Before containment periods in the main European countries, deployment of a continuity plan within Rentaload for:

  • Organizing work at home
  • Continuing on-site jobs in France but also in Germany, England and the Netherlands
  • Maintaining a small team, with all necessary health cautions to:
  1. Carry out preventive maintenance and further improve the reliability of our equipment
  2. Upgrade our entire fleet of 100/200/300 kW load banks to connected solutions – (Cf. article “COVID 19: Threats or opportunities for Rentaload”.)
  3. Develop new accessories to facilitate the implementation of our equipment on-site (ex : new tap-off connectors)

2. Returning to “normal” activity since mid-May by:

  • Respecting all anti-COVID hygiene directives and implementing additional measures to protect our employees but also our customers & people likely when handling our equipment:
  • Drafting of a charter of good conduct about COVID-19 recalling good practices both in the workshop and offices but also during on-site jobs.
  • « Quarantine » (4 days min) of all load banks returning from client sites
  • Adding specific instructions on the handling and use of our equipment (use of systematic gloves) in our user guides
  • Addinappendix dedicated to the prevention of risks related to COVD-19 in our RAMs

3. Strengthening of existing partnerships and approaching new partners for:

  • Accompanying local contacts on their various projects in an even more personalized way
  • Creating new supply chains to improve responsiveness
  • Co-investing in new equipment to strengthen our fleet, including the integration of 6 new-generation 600 kW load banks into our fleet in partnership with H&N Energien GmbH.

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4. Standardization of solutions with connected loadbanks to reduce the number of people involved during tests:

  • Upgrading the existing fleet, now fully connected, up to a total of 10 MW with on-floor loadbanks and up to 3 MW with rackable loadbanks.
  • Piloting of the entire “connected” installation by a SINGLE person during all IST commissioning tests with centralized feedback and data collection.

… for a saving in time compared to so-called “classic” solutions of around 20%.

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