1. SMART loadbanks & solutions

Rentaload offers to its European customers a wide range of SMART loadbanks from 0.5 kW to several MW associated with SMART solutions.

Among these load banks :

6 kW and 7 kW SMART rackable load banks acting as real server simulators

  • Dual power supply : 100% lane A and 100% lane B or 50/50 % lane A and B
  • With integrated ATS
  • Variable and selectable ∆ T° between 10 to 26°C

21 kW SMART floor-standing load banks

  • With integrated ATS
  • Better ∆ T° (Low delta T : 35 K @ full power)
  • Dual Power Supply for testing 2 busbars in mono or three-phase configuration

100/200/300/650 kW SMART low delta T load banks

  • With lowest Delta T available in the market
  • Easy connection using Powerlocks
  • Vertical airflow deflector available as an accessory 
  • Compact dimensions [width : 77cm] and on wheels for easy handling



All these load banks can be remotely controlled by a computer via the Rentaload supervision software.

So, they can all be interconnected to each other which means that you can run and manage a mix of 100/200/300/650 kW LDT loadbanks to form high-powered blocks.

This supervision software can control up to 200 loadbanks at the same time in order to carry out tests in a precise and coordinated way.

It’s also allow to :

  • Programming tests up to 72h
  • Real-time plot of supervision curves
  • Collecting thermal and electrical datas for commissioning report (Data logger)


Many of our customers already started to use these SMART equipments & solutions in the “Test & Commissioning” phase of their datacenter to optimize their tests.

Indeed, these solutions allow them :

      • Reducing number of people on site
      • Reducing test duration (by 20% to 30%)
      • Carrying out very precise and coordinated tests (test programming, load level programming, choice of delta T, automatic recording, collection of P/U/I/… information and release of test reports)
      • Collecting accurate real-time measurements of both electrical and thermal data (voltage, current, power, power supply, temperature etc.)
      • Visualizing Data Hall in 3D
      • Optimizing performances of the data center and limiting potential risks

it’s for all these reasons that we speak about « SMART » loadbansk & solutions.


SMART solutions for SMART testing !

Rentaload currently carries out the 1st fleet of connected loadbanks in Europe and continues to innovate every 6 months on new SMART products (like the new 6 KW connected load banks DC) to meet the requirements of our customers and those of our business sector.


2. Our SMART vision & concept detailled 

This is why SMART load banks is not only a range of new equipments but also a driving concept that leads all our company development. In fact SMART is a vision that we would like to share and that is declined as through each single letter of  S.M.A.R.T. :

SERVICES            MADE IN France              ASSURANCE               R&D                 TEAM.

Services : Dedicated delivery anywhere in Europe, on-site services (installation, de-installation, connection load banks and commissioning support and training)

Made in France : French industrial group with high-quality standards

Assurance : High reliability of our equipment to guarantee the efficiency of the tests

R&D : a new product or accessory every 6 months (connected load banks, supervision software…)

Team : a dedicated European team with 4 logistics hubs (Frankfurt, London, Amsterdam and Paris and several partners)


Indeed, we are a service company strongly dedicated to its customer and to bring them the bes added-value in the commissioning phase. We offer not only the rental of load banks but also delivery, installation, test assistance and up to full commissioning package.

If you have question do not hesite to contact us HERE or at contact@rentaload.com


> Choose a VISION, Choose a SMART approach, Choose RENTALOAD !