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Deerns & Rentaload : The experts in the “Test & Commissioning” phase for datacentres

As a reminder, Deerns is a Fluids engineering design office and Rentaload is an equipment rental service provider (*) for testing datacenter infrastructures.

(*) loadbanks & measuring devices 

They have been partners for several years and work together with datacentres in an extremely complementary way.

On the “Test & Commissioning” phase, Deerns has a global vision of the project and is able to propose upstream a “Testing & Commissioning” strategy in order to optimize both intervention times and feedback. Deerns intervenes as a knowledgeable consultant in the design part and in the “testing & commissioning process approval part. It relies on Rentaload equipment which perfectly simulates the operation of a datacenter (rackable loadbank acting as a real server simulator). Inded, Rentaload offers qualified equipment with measuring instruments that allow Deerns to verify the acceptance criteria of their tests and to establish reports in a synthetic and professional way.

It is for all these reasons that it is a perfectly complementary duo for datacentres!

That’s also why Rodolphe HUARD, the Director of the Datacentre pole at Deerns France and Pierre-Luc BARBE, the Operational Director of Rentaload have decided to answer the questions of the journalist Yves GRANDMONTAGNE (from Datacenter Magazine) about the “Test & Commissioning” phase for datacenters.

>> You can find these questions and answers on our YouTube channel through our web mini-series entitled “Deerns-Rentaload for Successful Commissioning!” (in french version).

BIG NEWS : we have had one of the videos translated into English so that all our clients can understand the answers provided by our experts on the “Test & Commissioning” phase for datacenters !

mini-series about commissioning phase for datacentre

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