Rack Mounted Load Banks for Data Center Commissioning

rackable loadbanks



In Northern Germany, the newly built data centre of an emergency call centre was to be tested under real conditions before commissioning.

The customer required the testing of two sub-areas:

– Server rooms (incl. air-conditioning and cooling equipment)

– Emergency power supplies (power generators and UPS systems).



For the simulation in the individual server rooms, a number of 50 pieces of our 7 kW rack-mounted load banks were distributed and installed by our partner H&N Energien GmbH and their technicians in the server cabinets provided there. Special care was taken to distribute the load banks within the critical areas in order to simulate the actual IT environment. As part of the customer’s tests, the functionality and reliability of the air conditioning and cooling units in the server rooms could be tested under load.

For the load test on the uninterruptible emergency power supply, 2 x 650 kW load banks were required. These were connected by H&N technicians in the LVMDP rooms. A special feature of our industrial load banks is that they can be connected via cable lug as well as Powerlock and that in a cable cross-section of 120 mm2 or 240 mm2.

After a short introduction to the devices, the load tests were carried out by the customer. Tests were carried out with different load levels (50%, 75% and 100%) in order to be able to analyse the behaviour of the connected loads. The teams on site are thus not only given the opportunity to test individual operational processes, but also to determine the performance limits of their own systems.

During the tests under load, if necessary, an H&N service technician will also be available to answer any questions.


Good to know:

Only by carrying out regular load tests can the functionality of (emergency) power systems be guaranteed. They enable problems to be detected early and rectified before a fault occurs. After all, your systems must function in an emergency!

Our partner and us will be happy to create an individual maintenance concept for you!