In 2019, we intervened in Norway to perform tests for a major GAFAM.

We were contacted on this project by the general contractor “Green Mountain”, specialized in providing services for datacenters.

For your information, Green Mountain currently offers three datacenters in Norway:

  1. DC1-Stavanger in Rennesøy, just outside Stavanger,
  2. DC2-Telemark in Rjukan,
  3. DC3-Oslo, 20 km from the capital.

The data centers are Tier III certified by the Uptime Institute due to their design and facilities.


The on-site power was 2.8 MW and the rented equipment was :

21 kw smart load bank


Discover below the case study attached to this project (on-site equipment, Rentaload’s main achievements, client testimonial, loadbanks technical sheet, etc.):


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