Principle of safety of equipment and maintenance of conditions

Data centers are highly strategic places with equipment – servers, air conditioning, etc. – particularly sensitive to drops in power supply. Maintaining this equipment in operational conditions requires many protections and security means. A UPS, batteries, a generator set up the secondary backup network and ask to be tested regularly through a load bank.

In addition, before the operational launch of a data center, it is important to simulate the actual load of the future servers and to check that the behavior of the main network is correct. The best way is to use load banks (notional load) distributed in the future room to simulate the actual future load. This means also makes it possible to directly test whether the air conditioning and cooling means are compliant. The rack load banks  are thus precise and reliable means for verifying the reliability of an air conditioning. The recipe for a computer room therefore necessarily passes through tests in real life whose only means of realization is a load bank.


Data Center Projects Examples

Rack-mounted Loadbank

Heatload – Floor standing heater