Define and « fine tune » its engines

Industrial R&D services continually design new products that are more innovative and offer improved performance. Testing the power capacities of these products is essential before deployment. Load banks are reliable tools to test new product limits (engine, AC generator, edge, turbine, etc.). Whether dealing with a one-off model or a replacement for a current version, the need for load bank testing remains constant. Above the obvious benefits of using load banks, customers can also take advantage of the continual innovation of load banks manufacturers to control, even recover power lost by the bank (heating, recovery and transformation in the batteries, etc.)

Types of load banks to rent

  • Rent a load bank testbed to define the characteristics of a new product (edge, AC generator, turbine, etc.)
  • Rent a load bank for running-in (engine manufacturer’s factories)
smart-rack-loadbank_server emulator_test_heater_hotbox

Commissioning of your Datacenter

The connected 7kW power rack has a dual power supply and  a T ° delta equivalent to the computer servers.

Smart load Bank
recette data center banc de charge connecté location

Rack load bank accessories

The Rentalab tool allows you to control up to 200 load banks at the same time, retrieve electrical & thermal information from your room and generate test reports.

Commissioning Software