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Maritime & Aeronautics

To extend battery life and support production

With the ever-presence of batteries in planes and ships with strategic and sometimes dangerous missions, it is imperative that armed forces have equipment that is reliable and continually operational. The maintenance of this equipment is therefore a key ingredient in the success of armed forces. A battery requires, depending on its technology, to be unloaded and recharged or simply tested to ensure it works properly. Using a Loadbank to discharge the batteries is mandatory in this type of application. The constraints in aeronautics (400hz frequency) means that specific ranges of discharge banks have been designed by manufacturers.

In addition, in the navy and aeronautics industry, installing a heat engine requires huge assembly operations, sometimes irreversible (i.e. for submarines and ships). Ensuring the engine works well and is operating correctly before a launch or flight tests is necessary and load banks are the tools to carry out these tests.

Types of load banks

  • Battery discharge banks with direct current
  • Discharge bank with alternating current
  • Load bank for edge or turbine testing