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 Safely simulate and test Oil & Gas Infrastructure

Many in the oil and gas industry benefit from load banks to commission and test cogeneration and backup power generation systems :

  • Test large gas turbines & some diesel generators correctly
  • Commission gas turbines and fine tune digital controls for optimal performance with the correct, complete load that meets manufacturer nameplate specifications
  • Ensure new Tier IV generators meet the reduced EPA emissions requirements
  • Keep oversize generators performing to nameplate specification with additional load banks to reduce emissions, improve operational efficiency and safety on drilling platforms
smart-rack-loadbank_server emulator_test_heater_hotbox

Commissioning of your Datacenter

The connected 7kW power rack has a dual power supply and  a T ° delta equivalent to the computer servers.

recette data center banc de charge connecté location

Rack load bank accessories

The Rentalab tool allows you to control up to 200 load banks at the same time, retrieve electrical & thermal information from your room and generate test reports.

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