Data Center

Equipment safety principles and maintaining existing conditions


Data centres are highly strategic sites with equipment – servers, air conditioning, etc., which are particularly sensitive to electrical power loss or fluctuations. Ensuring the operational functionality of this equipment requires specific controls and safety measures to be in place. A UPS, batteries and diesel generator form part of a secondary back up and should be regularly tested through a load bank or unloading bank.

Aside from the risk of electrical power loss, before the operational launch of a data centre, it is important to test the real capacity of the servers and that the network performance is as expected. The best way of achieving these objectives is to use load banks (mock load) to simulate the potential future load capacity. This also enables testing of the air conditioning and cooling devices. Rackable load banks provide a precise and reliable method through which an air conditioning system can be checked. A server room’s acceptance testing is achieved by advanced tests in real-life conditions and load banks are the only tool that can meet these requirements.


Applications of data centre load banks

  • IST Commissioning
  • Main network testing before connecting to end user devices (servers, switches, etc.)
  • Air conditioning testing (increasing temperature of the confined hot aisle)
  • Load bank testing the backup diesel generator
  • Load balancing on Diesel Generators
  • Batteries unload banks
  • Converters/UPS testbed


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