Load bank rental company, Rentaload, is based across the UK, as well as Europe. Rentaload leverages its partners many years of experience in manufacturing load banks and as a result, is able to offer its clients rental solutions for resistive, inductive and capacitive load banks, built and optimized specifically for this service. With many clients in areas such as data centres, hospitals, the army, nuclear power or the maritime industry, Rentaload can provide its banks and accessories within 48 hours for multiple applications all over England: testing diesel generators, acceptance testing server rooms, ballasting, unloading, etc.

Address in the UK :

  • Rentaload
  • Unit 4C – Four Ashes Industrial Estate,
  • Wolverhampton, WV10 7DB, UK
  • 44 (0) 7388 334295


Rentaload smart load bank for testing data center dual power supplyRentaload in figures

  • More than 500 load banks available
  • A response within 48 hours
  • 1 warehouse in Wolverhampton & 2 others in Europe (Germany & France)
  • More than 100 projects per year (Data Centre, Genset Test, Navy, hospitals)



Rentaload is renowned for and takes pride in its expertise and the quality of its products.

Rentaload commits itself to:

  • 100% European manufacturing, using high standard subcontractors
  • A thorough preparation of the product being provided (fitted conditioning, etc.)
  • Logistics taken care of from our warehouse to the site where the product will be used
  • Capable technical support, available via phone & email
  • A quality after sales and efficient maintenance service

 Our Customers :

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