The different business sectors we work with

Rentaload offers a wide range of rental load banks from 6kW to several MW: resistive load banks, inductive load banks, capacitive load banks, DC or AC. Find out what these load banks can do for your industry!

Data Centre

Electrical & thermal tests on infrastructures to simulate servers

Health & Hospitals

Tests of backup generators & inverters with rental load banks


Electrical testing of ship engines and port infrastructure with load banks


“Type” tests on motors, batteries, inverters or on backup GEs with load banks.


Tests for the electrical chain (transformer, switchboards and electrical distribution), generators, inverters.

Wind & Alternative Energy

Tests on turbines or emergency equipment to ensure their operation

Oil & Gas

Tests on generators or on the infrastructure of exploitations & mines


Testing of emergency generators & inverters with rental load banks.


Electrical tests of motors, turbines and airport infrastructure with load banks.