Services associated with the rental of our load banks

Rentaload offers its customers a whole range of associated services in addition to the rental of load banks and accessories. Offered à la carte, all you have to do is select the ones you need. Discover them in detail below.

Our a la carte services

“Tier homologation needs high level testing (IST Commissioning)” Uptime Institute 2

You can therefore choose, in addition to your equipment rental, one or more associated services depending on the needs and requirements of your end customer.

The advantages of a Rentaload turnkey service

Rentaload manages EVERYTHING from A to Z.

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By choosing Rentaload’s turnkey service, you benefit from all the services described above (delivery, installation, connection & commissioning or test assistance).

You will therefore be able to:

  • Benefit from Rentaload’s “Load banks and commissioning” expertise;
  • Enjoy a certain comfort and peace of mind by having a single point of contact who takes care of everything for you;
  • Save up to 20% time in carrying out your tests thanks to 100% dedicated equipment;
  • Increase your chances of delivering your datacentre on time and thus avoid any late penalties;
  • Save money (reliable and optimized tests to avoid future problems or malfunctions within the infrastructure);
  • Bring real added value to your tests thanks to SMART & Connected equipment allowing you to benefit from precise measurement feedback.

Our Rentalab & EkkoSense supervision software: the real added value of your tests!

Rentalab monitoring software

This software allows you to control the entire fleet of connected load banks deployed on site via a single computer. You can control up to 200 load banks at the same time. You can also collect extremely precise data such as P/U/I/DELTA T , during testing.

With this software, you can even couple different types of connected load banks (21 kW banks with 6 kW or 7 kW banks for example).

Rentalab is also:

  • Programming of tests up to 72 hours (according to different scenarios);
  • Real-time plotting of supervision curves;
  • Recovery of thermal and electrical information from your tests;
  • Edition of test reports.

EkkoSense supervision software

This software allows you to model your computer room in 3D. You can therefore navigate in your room, while collecting thermal data thanks to various wireless temperature sensors positioned in the IT room.

The deployment of this solution includes:

  • Temperature and humidity sensors;
  • An EkkoHub;
  • A 4G connection panel;
  • And all the associated connections, configuration and modeling.


Two different but complementary software programs that allow you to:

  • Save time in carrying out your tests (up to 20% according to feedback from our customers);
  • Bring real added value to your tests . The data collected during the tests provide a real “vital map” of the datacenter before its first commissioning.
  • And to differentiate yourself from your competitors by enhancing this test phase and providing valuable data for the future management of the datacenter.

Rentaload, dedicated technical support

If necessary, our technical team is available by phone. She answers your questions and can help you solve certain problems related to our load banks (breakdown or malfunction). Rather rare hazards, but which can nevertheless happen on this kind of equipment.

We also provide you with a technical sheet and user manual for all the equipment deployed on site. These documents give you all the technical characteristics of the load bank you have rented and also explain how to use it.

With Rentaload, we are with you from start to finish.

Rentaload – “flawless responsiveness” according to our customers

Our customers testify to our responsiveness in the event of a problem on-site:

Data Center Project Manager at BES: “I also appreciate Rentaload’s responsiveness to the little problems we encountered. They were able to react quickly and efficiently, which is not negligible on this kind of project. »

Rentaload, an important commitment to customer satisfaction

Rentaload has always taken pride in its knowledge and know-how and quality of the equipment offered and the value of its services with an avowed objective: to satisfy its customers as much as possible.

Thus, Rentaload is committed to:

  • Reliable equipment, from 100% French sourcing in connection with manufacturers, partners, high-end suppliers;
  • A unit test of each piece of equipment before departure for a site;
  • Strong responsiveness by relying on dedicated teams and local storage throughout Europe;
  • Impeccable support upstream of the project but also during the tests;
  • Quality after-sales service and rapid maintenance.