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Rentaload offers for rental a wide range of load banks from 0.5kW to several MW: resistive loadbank, inductive load bank, server emulators, heatload, heaters, DC or AC. Discover our products according to your electrical needs.


Rack-mounted loadbank / Server Emulator 7KW / 11kW

Both rack-mounted load bank / server emulators 7kW (single phase) – 11kW (3-phase) used for IST commissioning

smart-rack-loadbank_server emulator_test_heater_hotbox

Smart server emulator / rack-mounted load bank 6kW / 7kW

Loadbank for rack cabinet with dual power feed (A / B), variable ventilation, monitoring for data room test

21 kW floor standing loadbank

21kW floor standing loadbank for testing data center on floor with dual power feed (min step 1kW)


Resistive Loadbank from 1kW to 600kW

Rentaload provides resistive loadbank for generator, UPS, power sources test


2.4MW Load bank container

2.4MW resistive loadbank for testing electrical plants, emergency generators


Inductive load bank from 1kva to 1.4MVA

Inductive loadbank for testing generators with controller


Load bank AC 12V – 48V – 560V

Continuous Load bank for battery testing


Connection boxes & cables for load bank

Wide range of cabling for loadbanks from 50 mm² to 240 mm² with lug and 16A / 32 A connection cabinet


Various accessories

Rentaload offers accessories for its load banks, such as deflector, passage of cables, etc.

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