Load bank rental

Rentaload offers a wide range of SMART and connected load banks for rental, ranging from 6 kW to 2.4 MW.

Resistive, inductive or direct current load banks.

From rackmount equipment to high-power portable equipment, we have something to meet all your needs.

Rentaload equipment adapts to all types of environments, from small data center rooms equipped with racks to large IT rooms of 10 MW and more!

Discover our load banks for rent

Rack load bank
6kW and 7kW

Discover our first range of rackable load banks 100% dedicated to data centre tests, in single-phase and three-phase versions.

Connected rack mount load bank
6kW / 7kW

Discover our connected “SMART” rack load banks that truly simulate future servers. Test your IT room in real conditions, thanks in particular to their low Delta T.

Connected load bank

Discover our intermediate solution between rackable load banks and high power ones, our 21 kW load banks, in local or connected control version.


Discover our 2 mini-towers made up of 3 classic 7 kW rack load banks: the basic mini-tower and the premium (with low Delta T and integrated ATS).

Resistive load bank
from 50kW to 2.4MW

Discover our wide range of resistive load banks from 50 kW to 2.4 MW for all types of load tests.

Connected load bank 100 kW, 200 kW, 300 kW low Delta T

Discover our range of high-power SMART load banks dedicated to testing rooms used by GAFAM (hyperscaler data halls).

Inductive load bank
501 KVA and 671 KVA

Discover our 2 inductive trailers (with cos phi of 0.8) and carry out your equipment maintenance tests with them.

load bank
direct current

Discover our direct current load banks (from the 6 KW 48V rack load bank to the high-power 675 kW 460V DC load bank).

Cables and accessories for load banks

Discover the different cables and accessories associated with the rental of our load banks.


The different types of tests associated with our load banks

IST Commissioning test

Discover all the specifics of IST Commissioning tests for data centers.

Electric chain test

You want to test your electrical chain, find out all the specifics about this type of test.

Cooling system test

You want to test your cooling system, find out all the specifics about this type of test.

Generator set test

You want to test your generating set, find out all the specifics about this type of test.

Inverter test

You want to test your inverter, find out all the specifics about this type of test.

Battery test

You want to test your battery, find out all the specifics about this type of test.

Services associated with the rental of load banks

Support from A to Z

We offer a la carte services.

We can realize for you a turnkey service. She understands :

  • delivery of equipment on site,
  • their installations and connections,
  • assistance in carrying out your tests or the complete commissioning service.

Optimise your tests with our connected load banks

Know that you can optimize your tests thanks to our connected load banks :

  • 6kW,
  • 7kW,
  • 21kW,
  • 100kW, 200kW, 300kW, 650kW Low Delta T.

This “connected” function is made possible thanks to 2 supervision software (different but complementary): Rentalab & EkkoSense.

Rentalab software

This software allows you to control the entire fleet of connected load banks deployed on site via a single computer. You can control up to 200 load banks at the same time. You can also collect extremely precise data such as P/U/I/DELTA T , during testing.

With this software, you can even couple different types of connected load banks (21 kW banks with 6 kW or 7 kW banks for example).


Rentalab is also:

  • Programming of tests up to 72 hours (according to different scenarios);
  • Real-time plotting of supervision curves;
  • Recovery of thermal and electrical information from your tests;
  • Edition of test reports.

EkkoSense software

This software allows you to model your computer room in 3D. You can therefore navigate in your room, while collecting thermal data thanks to various wireless temperature sensors positioned in the IT room.

The deployment of this solution includes:

  • Temperature and humidity sensors;
  • An EkkoHub;
  • A 4G connection panel;
  • And all the associated connections, configuration and modeling.


Two different but complementary software programs that allow you to:

  • Save time in the realization of your tests (up to 20% according to our customers’ feedback);
  • Bring real added value to your tests. The data collected during the tests provide a real “vital map” of the data centre before its first commissioning.
  • Differentiate yourself from your competitors by enhancing this test phase and providing valuable data for the future management of the datacenter.

For information, we also offer a whole bunch of instrumentation accessories for rent in order to obtain other feedback on measurements, complementary to supervision software (thermal camera, analysers, anemometer, etc.).

The complete realisation of COMMISSIONING by Rentaload

Commissioning is a means available to the owner or manager to ensure that the systems and assemblies of the building are designed, installed, operated and maintained in an optimal manner, in accordance with the desired goal: to have a high-performance building with high quality and good value throughout its lifetime. Rentaload therefore specialises in the data centre vertical, amongst others.

We also operate in other sectors of activity in order to carry out the commissioning of equipment. This actually consists of “validating their proper functioning” through different types of tests and scenarios.


Our missions consist of:

  • Write the test protocol upstream;
  • Perform on-site tests including different scenarios;
  • Write the final commissioning report (i.e. a compilation of data following the tests carried out, for the end customer).

We thus provide you with a guarantee of the proper functioning of your equipment. Provides accurate confirmation that everything complies with the specifications initially drawn up by the client.

Rentaload guarantees you:

More efficient testing

Save up to 20% time in carrying out your tests thanks to connected load banks

Value-added tests

Give value to your tests thanks to the data collected through our supervision software

A rapid intervention in 24 hours

Local presence in FLAP-D MARKET cities: Frankfurt, London, Amsterdam, Paris, Dublin

High-performance equipment

Our load banks guarantee an operating rate of over 98%

Recognized data center expertise

+ than 200 projects carried out each year in Europe in the data center sector

A turnkey service

Benefit from support from A to Z: delivery, installation, connection, assistance with tests or commissioning