Air Conditioning System Test

Rentaload operates in the UK, Ireland, France and across Europe in across a variety of business sectors in order to carry out air conditioning tests for its customers.

These tests are carried out using our air heater load banks. They allow you to check the functionality and efficiency of all your air conditioning systems. These tests are therefore very important and highly recommended.

Find out on this page everything you need to know about air conditioning tests.

  • Why should you test your cooling system?
  • When exactly should it be tested?
  • With which load banks?

Also discover the sectors of activity in which we operate and the services we offer in addition to the rental of our load banks.

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What to know about air conditioning tests

Testing your air conditioning system means testing all levels of thermal redundancy in your infrastructure. To perform these tests you can use several different load banks. Rentaload offers load banks perfectly adapted and dedicated to this type of test: the range of Low Delta T load banks, available in the following options:

You will be able to test your entire air conditioning system with the appropriate equipment and check that it complies with the specifications defined upstream.

During these tests, you will be able to define several scenarios simulating the breakdown of one or more air conditioning systems and measure the behaviour of the IT room, in particular its heating. In normal operation, these tests also make it possible to detect the presence of hot spots and to optimise the performance of the systems in place by modifying certain operating parameters thanks in particular to the temperature measurements recorded directly.


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Why should you test your air conditioning system?

  • To verify that the air conditioning units operate in accordance with the technical specifications of the initial specifications;
  • To verify that the installation is capable of assuming the rooms load increase by carrying out tests in stages (for example 25%, 50%, 75% and 100%);
  • To check the cycles of air conditioning systems : short cycles at low load, longer cycles and at full load;
  • To verify that the air conditioning installation is capable of cooling the room with a 100% load without exceeding a critical temperature threshold for a period predefined in the specifications;
  • To check the redundancy of the air conditioning systems and to ensure the permanent cooling of the room if one or more air conditioning units were to stop (breakdown or maintenance);
  • To verify that there are no hot spots requiring adjustments, configurations or reconfigurations.

When should you test your air conditioning system?

The tests of your air conditioning system can take place at several times:

  1. At the installation to qualify your computer room: at the time of the handover of the building, we can test the air conditioning system infrastructure in order to verify that it complies with the basic requirements and that everything works perfectly.
  2. After any maintenance to requalify your computer room: after a renovation, for example, we can re-test the air conditioning system to check that it is still performing as it should.

With which load banks can you test your air conditioning system?

Connected rack mount load bank
6kW / 7kW

Discover our connected “SMART” rack load banks that truly simulate future servers. Test your IT room in real conditions, thanks in particular to their low Delta T.

Connected load bank

Discover our intermediate solution between rackable load banks and high power ones, our 21 kW load banks, in local or connected control version.

Connected load bank 100 kW, 200 kW, 300 kW low Delta T

Discover our range of high-power SMART load banks dedicated to testing rooms used by GAFAM (hyperscaler data halls).

Services associated with the rental of load banks

Support from A to Z

We offer a la carte services.

We can realize for you a turnkey service. She understands :

  • delivery of equipment on site,
  • their installations and connections,
  • assistance in carrying out your tests or the complete commissioning service.