21kW Mini Tower

Rentaload offers two types of “ mini-tower for rent: the “basic” mini-tower and the “premium” mini-tower . They are the equivalent of the 21 KW air heater load bank but are each made up of 3 rackable 7 KW load banks.

The premium mini-tower offers, in addition to the basic mini-tower, a better Delta T and an integrated ATS . The latter makes it possible to carry out double chain tests. This mini-tower is therefore compatible with all 2N type electrical infrastructures.

These mini-towers can be adapted to different power configurations by adding or removing a 7kW module.

This equipment is more reliable and more robust than standard air heaters, in particular thanks to their integrated circuit breakers. Indeed, they make it possible to protect the load bank in the event of electrical overcurrent.

Technical sheet of the 21 kWMini-Tower

Benefits and features of the 21 kW Mini-Tower

  • Integrated ATS for the premium mini-tower: to switch the electrical load between lane A and lane B, without having to disconnect and reconnect the cables;
  • Low Delta T for the premium mini-tower: to be as close as possible to the real conditions of the operating room (27 K at full power);
  • Reliability and safety of the load bank. The built-in circuit breaker protects the bench and your installations in the event of electrical overcurrent;
  • Handy and ergonomic : small integrated wheels, light and easy to move equipment;
  • Single-phase or 3-phase power supply ;
  • Possibility of setting variable loads: 7 KW, 14 kW or 21 kW;
  • Resolution of 0.5 kW is the most precise on the market.

Thermal measurement feedback from the 21 kW Mini-Tower

With EkkoSense supervision software

This software allows you to model your computer room in 3D. You can therefore navigate in your room, while collecting thermal data thanks to various wireless temperature sensors positioned in the IT room.

The deployment of this solution includes:

  • Temperature and humidity sensors;
  • An EkkoHub;
  • A 3G connection panel;
  • And all the associated connections, configuration and modeling.


With our instrumentation accessories

Rentaload also offers a number of instrumentation and measurement accessories for hire. They complete the data collected through the software.

  • Thermal camera to analyse the various hot spots in IT rooms;
  • Anemometer to analyse air speed;
  • Analysers to provide network information;
  • Temperature sensors to analyse computer room temperature;
  • Humidity sensors to analyse room humidity;
  • etc

These accessories can be rented independently or in addition to Rentalab and EkkoSense software, depending on your needs.

A temporary containment solution for 21 kW mini-towers

Rentaload offers a temporary containment solution for data centres that do not yet have computer bays. This solution allows you to simulate hot/cold corridors and test the rooms as closely as possible to their subsequent configuration once urbanised.

This gives you the opportunity to test electrical infrastructure and air conditioning systems in parallel.

Our various service offers include the assembly / disassembly of these containment structures if necessary.

Do not hesitate to contact us for more information.

Connection systems for 21 kW mini-towers

Rentaload adapts to all the electrical configurations of the rooms to be tested. This may involve the deployment of temporary power distribution cabinets.

The 210 kW temporary electrical distribution cabinet can be used to connect up to 10 21 kW – 32A/400V load banks (or 30 rackable banks at 220V 32A). Connected at the input by 120 mm² cables equipped with Powerlocks, the cabinet can thus be powered by the main electrical panel of the computer room. Mounted on a metal frame with wheels, it is easily moved from one room to another.

More information on the “cables and accessories” page.

Regarding the cables of the 21 kW mini-towers, Rentaload offers its customers different alternatives:

  • P17 32A / P17 32A cables (mono-mono)
  • Cables 3 X P17 32 A MONO / P17 32A TRI (mono-tri)
  • P17 32A TRI / P17 32A TRI (tri-tri) cables

We have different lengths and different sections in order to effectively meet the needs of our different customers.

We adapt to the technical configuration of each room.

Technical table for 21 kW mini towers

Type Values
Power 21kW
Voltage 3 x 230 V Single phase – 50 Hz
400V 3-phase – 50 Hz
Resolution 0.5kW
Notches 4 notches: (0.5 / 1 / 2 /3 kW) x 3
Food 2 redundant inputs (3 x mono 32A Hypra P17 Blue)
Finishing Aluminum
Mobility On wheels
Security Temperature thermostat
Dimensions Height 878mm
Dimension Width 19 inches (614mm)
Dimension Depth 569mm

The different types of tests with the 21 kW Mini-Tower

Electric chain test

You want to test your electrical chain, discover all the specificities of this type of test.

Cooling system test

You want to test your cooling system, discover all the specificities of this type of test.

IST Commissioning test

Discover all the specifics of IST Commissioning tests for data centers.

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We can realize for you a turnkey service. She understands :

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