Rentaload intervenes in the “Industry” sector mainly to carry out electrical tests (transformers, electrical distribution boards) and takes charge of the periodic tests of emergency equipment such as generators or inverters.

For this, Rentaload offers the rental of resistive and inductive load banks ranging from 0.5 KW to several MW as well as a whole range of associated services : delivery on site, installation and connection of load banks, but also assistance with tests or complete commissioning.

Rentaload load banks for the “Industry” sector

Rentaload operates in many industrial fields, both on production sites and in nuclear power plants or shopping centres.

Whether upon receipt of a new installation or as part of the mandatory periodic tests, Rentaload meets all the requirements of the test protocols for:

  • the electrical chain (transformer, switchboards and electrical distribution);
  • generators;
  • inverters.

Whatever the configuration of the site or the nature of the tests to be carried out, the Rentaload teams take the greatest care to ensure continuity of service on the sites tested (or schedule the tests outside production hours when possible).

Thanks to a wide range of portable or trailer load banks, Rentaload adapts to all site configurations in order to position the load banks as close as possible to the installations to be tested. Thus, whether it is necessary to lower the equipment to the 5th basement of a building or position it on the roofs of a building using a crane, our teams adapt to all scenarios.

The realisation of commissioning by Rentaload

Commissioning equipment actually consists of checking and validating its “proper operation”.

This is a precise and rigorous process which guarantees the efficiency and reliability of the electrical installation installed.

This corresponds to a series of tests carried out according to different scenarios established upstream with the customer: eg “What happens if a power cut occurs within the establishment? Will emergency equipment take over? With what inertia? etc


You will be able to:

  • Fix any “problems” and “malfunctions” identified during the tests and thus avoid possible future problems;
  • Reinforce the security of your installations;
  • Provide an additional guarantee as to the proper functioning of your equipment;
  • Optimise their performance.


Rentaload therefore offers you to carry out this commissioning ; including :

  • The drafting of the upstream test protocol;
  • Carrying out on-site tests;
  • Recording and processing of data;
  • Preparation of the final test report.

As a reminder, Rentaload also offers the delivery of equipment on site, installation and connection as well as assistance with tests if necessary. You can therefore benefit from a turnkey service .

Our references in the “Industry” sector

Customer testimonial – SOCOMEC Project Manager

“We are used to working with Rentaload on behalf of EDF on CNPE France projects (Centrale Nucléaire de Production d’Électricité). We therefore regularly rent their load banks in order to carry out on-site load tests, in particular inverter tests. We are very satisfied with the load banks Rentaload which are both simple to use and easy to move. Indeed, they are not heavy and we can easily fit them through all doors. We have even created a Connection Kit so that we can work regularly and efficiently with the load banks Rentaload which means that the start-up becomes extremely fast today.

We also appreciated the flexibility and responsiveness of Rentaload, especially in this period of rather complicated health crisis… Indeed, we had to postpone the schedule several times because of COVID-19 and Rentaload were able to adapt each time, without generating any additional cost, which we appreciated.

In terms of logistics, everything has always gone very well, whether during the delivery of the equipment or during the recovery. We had no problems.

It is therefore for all these reasons that we continue to work with Rentaload today ! »

The different types of tests carried out in the “Industry” sector

Electric chain test

You want to test your electrical chain, discover all the specificities of this type of test.

Inverter test

You want to test your inverter, discover all the specificities of this type of test.

Generator set test

You wish to test your generating set, discover all the specificities of this type of test.

Our load banks for your tests

Unit heater load bank 21 kW

Discover our intermediate solution between rackable load banks and high power ones, our 21 kW unit heater benches.

Resistive load bank from 50 kW to 2.4 MW

Discover our wide range of resistive load banks from 50 kW to 2.4 MW for all types of load tests.

Inductive load bank 501 KVA and 671 KVA

Discover our 2 inductive trailers (with cos phi of 0.8) and carry out your equipment maintenance tests with them.

Services associated with the rental of load banks

Support from A to Z

We offer a la carte services.

We can realize for you a turnkey service. She understands :

  • delivery of equipment on site,
  • their installations and connections,
  • assistance in carrying out your tests or the complete commissioning service.