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Resistive load banks

Resistive load banks

Rentaload offers the rental of resistive load banks of all power range from 1kW to 10MW. Our robust and reliable products are compatible with all types of load tests.

Our resistive load banks are mobile and ideal for renting. Designed to be used either indoors or outdoors (IP Code: IP55), they are flexible in terms of their location (hoisting rings, wheels, fork with steel frame are provided).  The mobile resistive load banks range for alternating current is presented below. As with all other Rentaload load banks, with the help of our automation, they can be combined, allowing for an increase in test power, using one remote control, ensuring that test data related to a variety of load tests is available.

Applications of the resistive load bank

  • Standby generator load banks: hospitalsdata centresnuclear powermaritime industry, etc.
  • Load bank energy dissipation units : wind energy, solar
  • Engine test facility : industry
  • Converters / UPS testbed : server room
  • Main network testing before connecting to end users machines (servers, switches, etc.)
  • Data Center : IST Commissioning with industrial load bank, Heater, HeatLoad, Server Emulators, Smart Rack-mounted load bank

In addition to its load banks, Rentaload offers supplementary equipment that can be included in the rental package:

  • Cabling of all length and any cross section
  • Winders
  • Thermal cameras
  • Electric toolboxes
  • Specific packaging
Type Valeurs
Puissance 50 à 600kW
Tension 230V/400V Mono/Triphasé
Résolution 1kW
Branchement Cable H07RNF
Alimentation Alimentation par jeux de barres, possibilité d’alimentation externe
Plaquette technique 2.4MW

Recette de votre salle informatique

Le banc de charge rackable connecté d’une puissance de 7kW possède une double alimentation électrique et possède un delta T° équivalent aux serveurs informatiques.

Banc de charge rackable
recette data center banc de charge connecté location

Accéssoires du banc rackable

L’outil Rentalab permet de piloter jusqu’à 200 bancs de charge en même temps, de récupérer des informations électriques & thermiques de votre salle et de générer des rapports de tests.

Notre outil de supervision

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