Oil & Gas

The operation of a fossil energy production plant requires the availability of an electrical power supply system enabling the operation and safety of the installation to be ensured. The electrical distribution system is designed to meet the needs of normal operation of the unit when it produces electricity or during a shutdown period (running auxiliaries and permanent auxiliaries) but also to ensure the supply of equipment providing the safety functions required in the event of an incident or accident on the installation (rescued auxiliaries). Diesel-powered emergency generators are used to supply security systems and electricity for these remote sites that are often not connected to national networks.

Our areas of expertise

Data Centres / Telecom

Electrical & thermal acceptance of infrastructures, battery test

ERP / Hospitals

Regular testing of standby generators & inverters

Power plant

Testing of standby generators, power generation turbines


Testing of ship engines, port infrastructure

The connected load bank that makes your tests smart

The connected rack load bank with a power of 7kW has a double power supply and has a delta T° equivalent to computer servers.

Rentalab, the Data Centre test supervision software

The Rentalab tool allows you to control up to 200 load banks at the same time, to retrieve electrical & thermal information from your room and to generate test reports.