Extend battery life and support production
The systematic presence of batteries in aircraft or ships carrying out strategic and sometimes perilous missions requires that this equipment be reliable and operational. The maintenance of this equipment is therefore a key point of success. A battery needs, depending on its technology, to be discharged and regenerated or simply tested to ensure its proper functioning. The use of an unloading bench is therefore the rule for this type of maintenance. The constraints in aeronautics (400hz frequency) mean that specific ranges of discharge benches have been developed by the manufacturers.

In addition, in naval and aeronautics, the installation of a thermal engine requires major assembly operations that are sometimes irreversible (eg: the case of submarines or ships). It is necessary to ensure that the engine is working properly and that it has been fine-tuned before launching or flight testing. The load bank fully fulfills this role.

Load Bank Types

  • DC Battery Discharge Bench
  • Alternating Current Discharge Bench
  • Load bank for generator or turbine test