Rentalab, the commissioning software for Datacenters

Compatible with the Rentaload connected loadbanks, the Rentalab tool can control up to 200 loadbanks at the same time in order to carry out tests in a precise and coordinated way.

But that’s not all, Rentalab is also:

  • Programming tests up to 72h
  • Real-time plot of supervision curves
  • Recovering thermal and electrical information from your recipe
  • Editing test reports
recette data center banc de charge connecté location

Industries we serve

Data Centers / Telecom

IST Commissioning, testing critical infrastrucure (Generators, UPS, air conditionning, etc.) ensuring that a data centre maintains its reliability

Hospitals and Healthcare Facilities

Regular testing of the emergency backup generators & UPS with Rentaload’s load banks

Utility & substations

Testing & commissioning electrical plants, microgrids & emergency back-up generators


Testing and Commissioning Maritime power generators & habor cranes