Load bank products

Rack-mounted Load Bank Server Emulators

Rack-mounted load banks or Server Emulators for hire

Rentaload offers the rental of rack-mounted single-phase 7kW – server emulators ...

Resistive load banks

Resistive load banks

Rentaload offers the rental of resistive load banks of all power range from 1kW to ...

Inductive reactive load banks

Inductive reactive load banks

Rentaload offers the rental of inductive units that can be combined with mobile power ...

Load bank accessories

Accessories for load bank rentals

Rentaload rental offers in addition to its load banks other equipment that may be included in ...

Load bank testing diesel generators

Load bank testing diesel generators. Click on buttons and see what happen.

datacenter load bank

Datacenter load bank for IST Commissioning. Click on buttons & see what happen.