Last year Rentaload has realized nearly 150 projects in Europe !

Mainly with Data Centers but not only … We have also worked with the industrial, tertiary, health, maritime and naval sectors. And it is thanks to our 4 European warehouses (in France, Germany, England and Netherland) and our partners (Connectium, H&N Energiem GmbH & First-Case BV) that we have been able to be present on the FLAP MARKET (Frankfurt, London, Amsterdam and Paris) which represents the most important Data Center market in Europe. And we look forward to continuing this growth in 2021 !

We have sent satisfaction questionnaires to our customers after each project to find out what they appreciated and what we could improve. The goal is always to improve the satisfaction of our clients. Make sure they are satisfied by the services provided by Rentaload whether in terms of products, services or relationships.

Today, we know that nearly 95% of our customers are satisfied and recommend Rentaload and of course we are very proud of it !

Among the strengths of Rentaload and according to our customers :

  • High-performance and innovative equipment
  • Easy to use equipment
  • Good reactivity & flexibility
  • Good customer support (from beginning to end)

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But for information, Rentaload it’s also :

  • Connected loadbanks with supervision software to control a whole fleet of loadbanks remotely via a computer (up to 200 load banks at the same time) thus reducing human resources on site
  • Data recording thanks to the connected loadbanks to prove efficiency of DH
  • Low Delta T loadbanks to simulate future DataHall environment
  • Simplified installations with plug-and-play load banks (20% time saving on tests)
  • A new way to perform commissioning (virtually and remotely) that will optimize IST commissioning costs and offer extra-guarantee of DH performances to your final customers

So if you have a project do not hesitate to CONTACT US so that we can offer you an adapted technical solution answering fully to your need ! We promise, you’ll love Rentaload’s SMART solutions ! 

SMART solution

Of course we are also working on our areas of improvement thanks to the relevant feedback from our customers. We are already setting up some solutions to improve our customers’ satisfaction such as :

      • A retrofit of our 100/200/300 KW LDT loadbanks
      • Maintenance / repair on all our loadbanks to improve their operating rate and compensate for malfunctions and technical problems that may occur
      • Innovation and proposal of new loadbanks with new functionalities
      • Investment in new or higher capacity equipment
      • Warehouse expansion
      • Partnership expansion
      • Price review

Customer satisfaction is one of our priorities at Rentaload, that’s why we make every effort to provide you with a quality service!
So don’t hesitate any longer and contact us