A Deerns-Rentaload mini-series for successful Commissioning

Deerns and Rentaload join forces and create a mini-series entitled “Deerns – Rentaload for Successful Commissioning!”.

The 1st episode will be broadcasted on our social networks: LinkedIn & Twitter as well as on our YouTube channel   on Tuesday November 24th at 8am.

They will answer the following questions:
– What is the purpose of Test & Commissioning on a new Datacenter?
– What is the risk of neglecting the Test & Commissioning phase?
– Why the Deerns / Rentaload duo in the Test / Commissioning phase?
– What is the future of Commissioning in the coming months and years?
– What is the benefit of Commissioning for the client?
– What are its stakes? What is its outlook?
– Why do our solutions and connected loadbanks help optimize this Test and Commissioning phase?

– etc.

So don’t miss this mini-series ! Especially if you want to optimize your Test & Commissioning phase within your Datacenter..

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